Choose Omer Refrigeration to provide you with the best possible service to beat the dreadful Toronto heat. Over 20 years of service will get you the comfort and need that you require.

With agreeing that air conditioning is the removal of heat form indoor air for thermal comfort, we keep your comfort at a top priority. This is one of many reasons why having an air-conditioning unit is very handy. They are used in residential homes to commercial computer rooms to keep the air at a minimal temperature.

Our process starts with us analyzing your preferences and needs, then we select a suitable air conditioning unit. Air conditioning systems provide clean safe environments. Heat waves can be a common occurrence in Toronto and can be very dangerous for the elderly. Our trained professionals take away the hassle and prevent problems from happening in the first place.

We provide prompt service, energy efficient appliances, reasonable rates and a wide range of solutions.

We also provide:

* Parts

* Equipment

* Installation

* Service

We want to become you're home appliance doctor, so don't hesitate to contact our trained

professional staff.






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